Tasteful education cooking class

Whether you want to eat from your new garden, or learn a new dessert. Learn how to truly be the “king of the grill” or fry a turkey, Chef James can help you learn the tricks of the trade.

Like the dinner party philosophy the experience starts with you,  if you are interested in a type or style of cuisine or just want to get ideas for those Tuesday night meals.  We start with you and your guests and figure out what foods or techniques you want to learn or try to do/make.  Cooking classes can be sit back and be entertained like you are sitting in a taping of a tv cooking show or if mixing it up is more your style you can get hands on.

Some of the classes that Dinners with Class has created:

  • Eating Garden Fresh to table in 30 min
  • Creole cooking
  • Put a steak in it, it’s grilled
  • Top it, sauce it
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Sushi for me sushi for you
  • Midwest fare made modern

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