Get your weekend cooking juices flowing

Fall weekend menu


Smoked pheasant melt

~ Hearty wheat bread, sliced smoked pheasant, fontina cheese, caramelized onions, roasted peppers relish ~


Roasted winter squash bisque

~ Acorn, butternut and ambercup squashes blended with toasted brown rice finished with sage Chantilly cream and cumin tossed  roasted squash ~


Grilled cowboy steaks

~ Bone in rib eye beef steak with maple-balsamic marinate served with fire roasted pearl onions, roasted garlic and mushroom compote, blue cheese baked potato, and creamed hardy greens ~


Honey custard Sundae

~ Honey custard with salted pear caramel, peppered black walnuts and cayenne pear chips ~


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