birds of a feather. . .

I have come to the conclusion that birds do not flock together, rather they attract other flocks.  Have you ever noticed that people that entertain have friends and associates that like to attend parties but for the most part do not host.  Or the ones that attend events, like finding individuals or couples who like to host parties and get-together’s.  Heck even couples are that way, one loves to entertain the other curls up into the fetal position and starts a mental breakdown when an event is planned.

So what can we do with this info? Hire out. . .  find event planners, caterers, dj, decorators anyone who can help you in hosting a gathering. Life is about living together and sharing the good things that this world has to offer.  So as Wyane and Garth so elegantly declared, “Party on Wyane, party on Garth.” And I say to you party on and happy holidays.



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