Symphonic Cuisine

buffet prime rib roulade

I was catering a Mother’s day brunch today and in the midst of the mayhem of pre-showtime rush of last minute prep and heating I had an Ahha moment.

I was jamming out with ear buds in and a shuffle list of music on my mp3. That is when I had my moment, “why is it that chef’s, food, making of food and cuisine in general and music are so integrally intertwined?”  Then I wondered, “what modern musical wonders are going to be able to hold up through the hands of time?”  Can you with all honesty say that any Beaver hit is as timeless as Ray Charles, or as smooth as Roy Orbison? Which is like saying that “wonder bread” is as good, hearty, and healthy as home made bread.  And as food highlights go what is better then steamed asparagus with sauce hollandaise or a perfectly grilled ribeye with bleu cheese.

Long before I became a professional chef kitchens have been “rocking” and I am willing to bet that long after I am gone they will be “rocking”. There is just something about a wonderful combination of music and food that with the two you hit all of your senses and can send you to new places and take you back into time to a perfect place. So next time you direct a mini symphony in your kitchen using a steel as your baton and a chop on a board as the rhythm section create your own magical symphonic cuisine.


If a foodie wrote “sound of music”

True unadulterated lovers of food have a passion for food, and that might even be an  understatement. There are restaurants solely devoted to bacon, cheese, cake, hot dogs, lobster rolls and many others.  It takes over our lives consumes our thoughts, if the Sound of Music was written by a hard core foodie the title would have more then likely been Sound of Bacon, and a few of my favorite things would have been filled with Chiffon cakes and dripping icing.  So when you converse with one of many of foodies out there please remember we live life as if we where on a pile of goodies and a French pastry shop was on every corner. So the next time you forget about dinner just break out into a spirited rendition of when the roast burn I think of a few of my favorite things. . .