Second helping of utopia

Last night I created a dinner party for a few old friends and a few new ones. The wine, as the say was very fine, the food (if I do say so myself) was excellent but what stole the show was the friendship’s renewed, nurtured or started.  Last night was the very definition of why I love my job, my career and the joy I get out of it all.  It is great to get the “5 thumbs up” from a critic in the paper or the proverbial pat on the back of “that was great” but to hear and know that the unleashed laughter and excitement around a dinner table that was brought together by your food, that is a slice of utopia.  My I have a second slice please and thank you and good night Alice. 


Create a meal, nightly

Have you ever stood in-front of the cabinets, refrigerator, pantry and stare into the abyss wondering what am I going to make for dinner? Many of us have excluding the proficient ones of us who diligently write weekly menus that correlate to coupons in the local paper and have it down to a science.  Well not I, how the hell am I suppose to know what I am hungry for on Friday on Sunday afternoon? I have always slightly admired individuals who could script their lives like that but I am too, what I like to call, a lighting strike thinker. As an example you walk past the fish counter and the just got freshly delivered striped bass and it looks amazing which the idea hits you like lighting to do an orange tarragon cream sauce with mushroom risotto and the eggplant look great this week blam lighting you see eggplant parmesan in your families’ future. How does the instant creative spark come into play with the neat list? No matter how you get there I applaud you all for taking the time to make it at home with love. As always making a meal nightly, from a list or a storm cloud called your brain.