Riveredge Nature Center Mother’s Day Brunch Menu

Riveredge Nature Center

Mother’s Day Brunch


Fruit with toasted coconut yogurt dip

Huevos enchiladas salsa verde

Roasted tomatoes, garlic, peppers and scrambles eggs wrapped in flour tortillas baked with salsa verde and shredded mixed cheese

Parmesan herb potato

Roasted potatoes tossed with fine herbs, sea salt, black pepper and dusted with aged parmesan

Chicken and Mushroom stroganoff

White wine poached chicken simmered with caramelized onions, mushrooms, roasted garlic and finished with sour cream

Chocolate-caramel bread pudding

Chocolate-banana bread swirled with caramel custard and dark chocolate ganache dusted with powdered sugar

Fruit-almond bar

Rolled oat and almond flour bar with fresh fruit topped with streusel


A budding relationship

As I walk around our corner of the world nature is alive with energy, life and new growth. All of the apple trees have buds, the flowers are budding, the asparagus is emerging. Ok so not everything buds out, but all of the good things in spring that start to be created bud new flavors, tastes, smells and excitement. The anticipation of what kind of year will it be for the apples? How long with the strawberry season be? When will the morels peak? Can the asparagus grow any slower? So this is starting to sound like twenty questions, but in all reality you are going to be able to find all of your budding friends in do time, then they will be gone, so savor. 

Upcoming Places to see Chef James

Dinners with Class will be cooking it up at Riveredge Nature Center on October 5th at their Frothy Forage https://www.facebook.com/events/1404167293132562/ hope to see you all there walking through a prairie and tasting local craft beers and eating food, one word.  .  . AWESOME!