April showers bring . . .

Flowers are nice, but give me a good bunch of pencil sized asparagus, morel mushrooms, ramps and all of the other wonderful spring forage items.  Some say that spring arrives when the daffodils bloom, me I like the edible crescendo that starts with maple syrup and keeps growing till all a sudden you can stop buying produce at the grocery store.  When the precipitation turns from flakes to April  showers they bring a ground swell of goodness. So get outside and taste the bounty to be had. DWC MOREL ASPARAGUS 003


Pitchers and catchers which means tongs and spatulas

Spring must be right around the corner. We, as a strong/resilient/season loving group of northern Mid-westerners, can handle all that Mother Nature throws at us. But really?!  With a high of zero and no break in sight, it hardly seems like March. Hang on fellow mid-westerners; there is a ray of hope. The boys of summer are flocking to the training grounds, and the cracks of bats will be soon follow. I have my own “spring training.” I polish my tongs, spatula, and the grates in the grill and dry clean the “Kiss the King of the Grill” apron. Way before the first sighting of robins, the inaugural 2014 “Lighting of the Grill” will take place. And if you live in the northern climates too, remember to put your beverage in a cozy for the early season grilling—not to keep it cool, but to prevent it from freezing.

As chef Gusteau suggests I too concur

Cook with your heart, not with your measuring cups. I wish I had a dollar for everyone who has told me “I can’t cook, well I can make some things but really cooking nope not me.” Cooking comes from the heart and a childlike sense of care free thinking and not worrying if it is not perfect. Very few things in the kitchen turn out “perfect” the first time just as in life practice makes perfect or at least more tasty. The goal for most people should be to put more of themselves into the food they make, not try to be famous chefs, it takes too many years to do that. Take a food you know and add an ingredient you love start small and see where it takes you. Bon Appétit