The art of the Grill

Cold crisp air, cracking of leaves and the smell of charcoal in a grill. Really, does it get any better then that? Maybe except when the foods being grilled are pulled off the grill and enjoyed.

To truly claim the title of “king of the grill” you need to use the grill for more then just burgers and steaks. Smoke a chicken, roast a pork loin, do a clam bake think outside the box, which reminds me bake a pizza from scratch out on the grill you will never go back inside the oven. So grab a sweater your tongs and a bag of charcoal and get out and have fun and truly taste the season.


As chef Gusteau suggests I too concur

Cook with your heart, not with your measuring cups. I wish I had a dollar for everyone who has told me “I can’t cook, well I can make some things but really cooking nope not me.” Cooking comes from the heart and a childlike sense of care free thinking and not worrying if it is not perfect. Very few things in the kitchen turn out “perfect” the first time just as in life practice makes perfect or at least more tasty. The goal for most people should be to put more of themselves into the food they make, not try to be famous chefs, it takes too many years to do that. Take a food you know and add an ingredient you love start small and see where it takes you. Bon Appétit